Children's haircut

Children’s Haircuts: Where Style Meets Playfulness at Kalon Salon & Spa

Kids’ haircuts are more than just a trim; they’re an exciting opportunity for personal expression and self-discovery, and we at Kalon Salon & Spa know it. Hairstyles that are fun, stylish, and suitable for children’s ages are our stylists’ forte. You have arrived at the best place in Wyoming, MI to get a kid’s haircut!

What Makes Kalon the Best Option for a Child's Haircut?

  1. Kid-Friendly Environment:  We made sure that our salon is kid-friendly. By including vibrant chairs and whimsical decor, we want to create an inviting atmosphere that fosters comfort and excitement for children as they embark on their haircut journey.
  2. Patient and Skilled Stylists: When it comes to dealing with finicky little clientele, our stylists are pros. We are aware that cutting children’s hair requires extra care and attention. Trust me, I’ve got your child covered.
  3. Customized Cuts: Kids’ hairstyles are as unique as they are. Whatever style your child desires—a timeless bob, a modern fade, or something completely out there—we customize every cut to match their individuality and hair texture.
  4. Safety First: At every haircut, we put the safety of our clients first. Strict hygiene measures are followed, and all tools are sanitized. Additionally, our stylists have received training to precisely style even the most finicky children.

How to Prepare for Your Child’s Haircut

  1. Clean Hair: Use your child’s usual shampoo to give their hair a good wash before you come. Gently cleanse the scalp while washing the hair from root to tip. Keep their hair wet while drying it, rather than fully dry.
  2. High Chair Magic: We’ll make sure your little one sits up straight in their chair. This reduces wriggling and guarantees uniform cutting. One option to keep kids entertained is to play a movie that they like.
  3. Towel Protection: Unruly locks have the potential to irritate and sneak undergarments. To make cleanup a snap, we drape a towel over their shoulders to absorb any stray hairs.

Buzzing Hair Very Short

  1. Clipper Time: We utilize clippers for a very brief period if your child requests short hair. Before you get a guard, talk to your child about how long they want it. To set expectations, show them pictures. Keep your strokes slow and smooth as you make your way up from the back. Using a longer guard up top and a shorter one down the sides creates a fade.
  2. Fade Magic: A fade is a great way to have a trendy side cut with longer hair on top. Kids who are often on the go but still want to look well often choose this.

Beyond the Buzz: More Haircut Options

  1. The Mini Bob: A cute bob that frames the face and requires minimal maintenance.
  2. The Pixie Cut: Edgy and adorable, perfect for little trendsetters.
  3. The Shaggy Layers: Effortlessly cool with textured layers.
  4. The Side-Swept Bangs: Adds flair without compromising playtime.
  5. The Undercut: Bold and playful, especially for older kids.
  6. The Mohawk: For the ultimate rockstar vibe.

Visit our Children’s Haircuts page to explore our services and book an appointment. Kalon Salon & Spa: Where every snip is a smile! 

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